Beyoncé Photoshopped? 5 Things That Look Like Roberto Cavalli's Version of the Singer

Another day, another Beyoncé photo controversy. Oh, the humanity! Will there ever be a day in which we don't obsess over Beyoncé's body? This time, fashion designer Roberto Cavalli is in the hot seat for his interpretation of the singer in a publicity still. In a rendering some are calling photoshopped (that I'm just calling a sketch/mock-up, because fashion design), Beyoncé's signature curves are elongated and stretched, her waist tucked in and tiny, and her feet looking more like a ballerina's with toe-tally (I know, I know) impeccable form. Clearly, the way Cavalli imagines the look in his head is far from the reality of the oft-discussed Beyoncé form.

I mean, the dress fits real-life Beyoncé far better than the sketch — even if the dress disappoints with its inability to stay frozen in the fierce, flowy manner Cavalli imagined it. Probably because the reality of the dress has the limitations of gravity to deal with. But, ultimately — hey! — this is art. It may be wildly unrealistic and overly angular, but that's because some fashion designer on the team took to their sketching software of choice and mocked up the singer and dress in a style that is not-at-all unusual for Cavalli's style. An artistic rendering, using creativity in a creative industry? You don't say!

While it would be easy to get upset because society just loves to fuck with ladies' bodies and their interpretation of them, this drawing is clearly not supposed to be a literal translation of the singer (even if the face and stance are a seemingly direct lift from the cover of her 2003 album, Dangerously In Love):

That said, there are a wealth of other influences to be seen in this Cavalli rendering. Artistic or otherwise!

1. ...Like this elephant from the 1948 Salvador Dalí painting The Elephants:

2. ... Or these clothespins.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

3. ...And this spider that I am desperately trying to stay cool about even though, oh my god spider, you make me want to die and will certainly haunt my night terrors tonight.

Mark Thompson/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images