Beyonce Is a '50 Shades of Grey' Lover

Does Beyoncé know something we don't know? Well, obviously she knows most, if not all, the secrets to success, like how to maintain her Sasha Fierceness even when she and Jay Z are prepping for a tour, how to top the Forbes 100 list, and how to get her clothes displayed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame despite the fact that she won't be eligible for induction until everyone's living like the Jetsons. Ya know, all sorts of classified Beyoncé-related info. Apparently, among the other information she's privy to are some sort of inside deets about film adaptations of erotic romance novels because Beyoncé posted a 50 Shades of Grey teaser on her Instagram Saturday night. Now that I've declared Beyoncé's subtle gesture as the best cosign a film has ever received, 50 Shades of Grey is most certainly required to live up to its hype and surpass the expectations of critics who have serious concerns about the film being an epic fail. The teaser Bey posted is pretty quick but drops a major hint at the ending that leaves me with even more questions. Just before the snippet comes to a close, Beyoncé can be heard singing the "Crazy in Love" break, but the "uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, oh no no" part is slowed down in a creepy, horror film kinda way (sorry Bey, if that was supposed to be sexy). Will the soundtrack feature a revamped version of "Crazy in Love?" Will Beyoncé make a cameo in the film?! Nah, there's no way they could've held that under wraps for this long. Needless to say, the anticipation is sickening.Does this guarantee the film will be awesome? Of course, that's yet to be determined, but we'll have a better idea on July 24 when the full trailer is released. All of this uncertainty is nerve-racking, but what I do know is if Beyoncé's name is attached to this film in any form or fashion it damn well better be awesome, or there will Beyhive hell to pay.Check out the 50 Shades of Grey teaser below: