Kim Kardashian Totally Fawns Over Kanye West

by Kenya Foy

Who loved the fact that Kanye West was featured on the cover of GQ more than Kanye West? Duh, his wife Kim Kardashian! Undoubtedly still wearing her newlywed glow, Kardashian showed West some Instagram love by declaring his cover shot "sexy." Her exact words were, "So sexy! My husband on the cover of GQ shot by Patrick Demarchelier!!!"

Everyone knows that Yeezy gives his better half plenty of shine. He openly fawns over her at any given moment and even declared her "the most beautiful girl in the world." West also penned this adorable (not) song about Kardashian in which he compliments her derrière, claims to have her "in custody," and reveals more TMI metaphors that, like most things West says, would've been better left in his subconscious. West also spoils Kardashian with lavish birthday trips. And then there's the famous story about how Yeezy's been after Kardashian for years and knew she would eventually become his wife.

In short, there are enough instances of Kanye West complimenting Kim Kardashian to be compiled into a book and eventually turned into a movie deal. But I shouldn't give them anymore crazy ideas. Instead, allow me to count the ways in which this is reversed when Kim Kardashian totally fawns over Yeezy.

1. Kim says she tries to treat Kanye like every day is his birthday.

She thinks they'll "always be like that."

2. Kim credits Kanye for boosting her confidence...

...as if she needed any help in the first place.

3. Kim commemorates Kanye's special moments with cake.

Like the time she got him a Yeezus cake for his 37th birthday.

And when she helped him celebrate the 10th anniversary of The College Dropout.

4. Kim can't stand to be away from Kanye when he's on tour...

...but hopefully this matching leather jacket made her feel closer to him in his absence.

5. She wears jewelry bearing Kanye's initials.

And this was before they were even married.

6. Kim dedicated a love letter video to Yeezy (and their baby North).

Okay, so technically it was made by a fan, but still she definitely loved it and tweeted about it, so that counts as far as I'm concerned. WARNING: If you are a woman scorned, or patching up the pieces of a recently shattered heart, or just aren't in the mood to see a couple who's sickeningly in love, then you might wanna sit this one out.

So now's the time when we all collectively sigh and say, "Awwww!!!" No? Oh. Okay.

Images: Giphy (2); Getty Images (2); Kim Kardashian /Instagram (5)