'Mad Men' Wrapped with Showtunes

How would you expect the cast of a long-running, critically worshipped show to celebrate (and/or mourn) when, after seven years, the show wraps filming? You probably picture raucous, glamorous Hollywood wrap parties — for a show like Mad Men perhaps something fitting with the 1960s aesthetic of the series. So how did the Mad Men cast actually celebrate wrapping filming? With musical theater, of course.

Not that the wild Hollywood wrap party wasn't part of the celebration, too. The soon-to-be-former Joan Holloway, Christina Hendricks told Vulture that filming wrapped earlier this month and that she and the cast "partied for about a week straight." We have heard of the wonders of Jon Hamm partying when he got hammered with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler after the 2010 Emmys, so we've already got a nice visual to work with.

But apparently the traditional boozy glamour life wasn't all that the Mad Men cast was rocking post-wrap: Their party time also included a whole lotta goofy showtunes. This is a cast after my own heart. As Hendricks recalled:

We're all surprisingly into musicals. There was a lot of singing of Little Shop of Horrors, "Defying Gravity" [from Wicked], and a little bit of Frozen. I wish we were cooler.

I, personally, do not wish this cast were cooler. I just wish they'd invite me next time.

And let us always remember: