Tamra's Son Really Pissed Her Off

Watch out Vicki Gunvalson, there is a new Real Housewives of Orange County grandma in town. Tamra Barney Judge, owner of CUT FITNESS and self-proclaimed "pot-stirrer" of this season, is Orange County's newest soon-to-be grandma. Tamra and her husband Eddie Judge can return Astro the fake baby for good since her son, Ryan Vieth, and his fiancé Sarah Rodriguez are expecting their first child together.

On Monday night’s episode, we see Ryan and Sarah at a family dinner with Tamra and her mother, asking the couple, “This is happening?” to which Ryan replies, “Yep,” and Sarah replies, “I hope so.” So what ever the news was, it seemed like it went over calmly, right? Come on, when has a Real Housewives dinner ever gone smoothly? It’s just not in the nature of the show; the genetic makeup of Real Housewives makes it impossible for a dinner to not end in tears. So by nature, the camera cuts to Tamra completely losing her shit, banging her hand on the table and screaming, “This is not right!” So what is it that Tamra doesn’t think is right? Well looking at the timeline of events in the Barney/Judge household, it is most likely Tamra being told that Ryan will be leaving CUT Fitness or that him and Rodriguez are engaged.

Although the preview gives us the impression that Tamra is not okay with the news, she seems to have made a complete 180 on the topic and is now all smiles on her Instagram with the happy couple. Tamra posted a photograph of her, Ryan, and Sarah in April, announcing their engagement.

This season on RHOC, Tamra and Eddie have been discussing the possibility of having their own baby Judge. After test-driving a fake (yet very demanding) baby named Astro, the couple, who married in June 2013, decided to not pursue having their own baby. But fortunately, now that Ryan and Sarah are having there own baby, Tamra will be able to spoil her future grandchild with everything she would have spoiled her own baby with. Tamra is beyond excited for the new addition to the family, posting Instagram photos celebrating the exciting news. So whatever was getting her down at the family dinner on Monday's episode sure doesn't seem to be a problem anymore.

Congratulations to the expecting parents and Tamra. There is no doubt that Tamra will be one of the most entertaining grandma's Bravo has ever seen.

Images: Tamra Judge/Instagram; Giphy