'Gracepoint' Won't Copy 'Broadchurch,' Which Means There's Now a Reason To Watch

Fox's highly-anticipated series Gracepoint may be a remake of the BBC America series, but fans of the original show won't have to worry about seeing the same drama unfold week after week. According to showrunner Dan Futterman, Gracepoint will diverge from Broadchurch in significant ways. Futterman goes on to say that Gracepoint will end in a very different place than the original series, giving everyone who knows the twist at the end of Broadchurch a very real reason to watch.

For those who missed out on the BBC crime drama, Broadchurch is about a seaside community that is shaken up when an 11-year-old boy is found dead on the beach. Two detectives investigate the crime and, in the process, learn that the people they've known their entire lives aren't the people that they thought that they were. With so many suspects in the town, it was nearly impossible to predict which character could have committed the heinous crime — in fact, only 29 cast and crew members on the show were allowed in on the series secret prior to the big reveal.

Attempting to untangle the show's ultimate mystery was the reason viewers tuned in to Broadchurch, which is why it's comforting to hear that Fox will take a new approach to the series. Though Futterman says that the pilot episode of Gracepoint will follow the same basic outline as that of Broadchurch, it's exciting to see that the writers of Gracepoint won't follow the same path as the original. While Gracepoint will share the same television DNA as Broadchurch, the show won't rely on the same twists and turns of the original series — fans of Broadchurch will have a new mystery to solve with Gracepoint, and that's reason enough to keep watching.

Fox is surely hoping that lightening will strike twice with Gracepoint, and hopefully the new series can capture the intrigue of the original. Now that I know that there is a new "whodunnit" to solve, I'll certainly be tuning in.

Image: Fox