7 Perfect Dates Hayden & Nicole Should Have

For people who don't think that Zach Rance and Frankie Grande really have a chance, but still want to watch a beloved couple get closer every week, then Big Brother's Hayden Voss and Nicole Franzel are the showmance for you. From humble beginnings to adorkable greatness, Hayden and Nicole have been flirting up a storm since they first fell on each other's radar and that hardcore flirting has culminated in the first kiss of the showmance season. Hayden has been asking Nicole to kiss him for what feels like weeks now, so now that she's finally given in to her attraction to him, isn't it about time he starts planning the date he's also been asking her for?

Sure, Hayden and Nicole are stuck in the Big Brother house until one of them gets eliminated, but so far neither of them have really had huge targets on their backs yet. They have the potential to make it to the finals if they play their cards right but, even if they don't, there's always a chance that their relationship might have enough intrigue to it to try pursuing outside of the Big Brother house. Nicole might be from Michigan and Hayden might be from California, but that's why people invented airplanes and cars. All I'm saying is, if Hayden and Nicole don't get to go on at least one date, then I'm going to be intensely disappointed.

In fact, here are some suggestions for awesome dates they'd both enjoy.

1. Beach Date

Hayden and Nicole have basically turned cuddling in the Big Brother hammock into an Olympic sport. When they get out of the house, isn't it about time that they go for a beach getaway? Sun, sand, surf, and a hammock stretched out between two palm trees just waiting to be snuggled in.

2. Park Date

This couple decided to make good use of the frog costume Nicole had to wear for a week by playing leap frog in the yard. I can't be the only person who thinks they'd have a grand old time walking through a park, enjoying nature, playing on the swings, jumping in the fountain and running away before the cops come.

3. Bike Date

Hayden is a Pedicab driver, so he knows his way around a bike. He and Nicole could hang out and keep in shape by riding their bikes all around Long Beach, California. I can see them riding to some secluded spot for more shared kisses and to watch the sun go down, can't you?

4. Country Date

From what I could tell of Ubly from Nicole's introduction clip, it seems like nothing but country for miles around. After they're done riding bikes in California, Nicole can teach Hayden how to ride horses around Ubly. Maybe they can even go camping in a nice, secluded tent.

5. Indoor Date

Nicole's a little camera shy and she and Hayden are both used to spending all their time locked in the Big Brother house, so there's no reason not to get inventive with their indoor dates. From indoor picnics to candlelit dinners to cuddling up on a couch somewhere watching television, they seem like the kind of couple who would like their lazy nights in more than anything else.

6. Costume Date

Hayden seems to really like it when Nicole dresses up in the amazing costumes Big Brother provides her with, so it seems like no huge stretch to assume that some sort of costume party might be on the horizon for one of their dates. Maybe this time Hayden can dress as the frog and let Nicole be his princess.

7. Double Date

Nicole and Christine bonded quickly and are one of the few friendship pairs in the house that haven't attempted to screw each other over yet. If their friendship lasts until one or both of them is gone, or wins, then I can see Nicole and Hayden having double dates with Christine and her husband. Think of what a great message it would send that lasting friendships can be made in the Big Brother house — and lasting showmances.

Image: CBS; bigbruhther/Tumblr; BB_Updates/Twitter; icecoldbroseph/Tumblr