They've Just Hit the First Milestone

If you've been paying attention to the Big Brother live feeds (or paying attention to the recaps if you don't have the money to pay attention to the live feeds), then you know that Hayden Voss and Nicole Franzel have been flirting so hard they're making all of us jealous. Basically, Hayden and Nicole have the cutest relationship in the house second only to Zach Rance and Frankie Grande. While Hayden and Nicole are better at keeping their hands to themselves than Zach and Frankie are, that doesn't change the fact that adorable is the name of their game. Now fans of them can breathe easy because Hayden and Nicole have finally kissed, becoming the first showmance in the house to do so.

The big event occurred during a cuddling session in bed Sunday night. Hidden under the covers, which is as much protection as they can get from the cameras in the Big Brother house, Nicole was running her fingers through Hayden's hair for a while before she finally rolled into him and let the kissing commence. There was a lot of giggling and a lot of cries of, "FINALLY!!!" All right, maybe that was just coming from myself and the rest of the Internet, but, come on. Between whispers of Hayden flirting a little too much with Victoria on the live feeds and all that footage of Nicole and Zach hanging out, even I was starting to get a little worried that Hayden and Nicole would never get a move on.

Considering it was mostly Nicole's natural shyness that kept them from getting to this point until a month into their Big Brother stint, it's probably unlikely that Hayden and Nicole are going to join the Hall of Fame of Big Brother pairs to have sex in the house, but the fact that they finally kissed means a lot. Most importantly, it means the ice has finally been broken on in-house hookups. Now that Nicole and Hayden have done it, anyone can do it. And by anyone, I mean Zach and Frankie.

Zach might be heterosexual, but he's already admitted that Frankie would be the first guy he'd experiment with and on Sunday's episode of Big Brother he openly informed Frankie that he wanted to bang him. Watching the live feeds for even five minutes would make a lot of people think that the two of them are already a couple. After all, they're more affectionate toward each other than Hayden and Nicole are and Hayden and Nicole just made out. Come on, Zankie. You can do it. You have the Internet's collective permission.

Image: CBS; itsambersworld/Tumblr; coconutsfranzel/Tumblr; zankiegrace/Tumblr