5 Freaks Neil Patrick Harris Should Play on 'American Horror Story: Freak Show'

When news broke that Neil Patrick Harris was interested in joining the cast of American Horror Story: Freak Show , fans of NPH and AHS alike rejoiced. Harris apparently wrote a letter to AHS creator Ryan Murphy expressing his fanboy-lke desire to be in on the project. Murphy, naturally, was like, "YES, YES, YES, we would love to have you on the show" because what else do you say when Neil Patrick Harris asks to come play with you?

Now, before you faint from joy, remember that NPH is currently tied up with his work on Broadway and not actually available to be on the show, so the odds of him playing more than the teeniest of parts seems slim. However, if the gods of television smile on us and enact a scheduling miracle to allow him to do even one measly episode of Freak Show, there are almost-endless possibilities for the awesomeness that would follow. Personally, these are my top freaks to see NPH play.

1. Two-Headed Man

Yes, we already know that Sarah Paulson will be playing a two-headed woman in the newest season of American Horror Story . She looks delightfully creepy in the role, too.

Sure, it might be a little much to have two two-headed characters on the season, but if we only get one episode of NPH in full freakdom, wouldn't it be great to cheat and get double the awesome?

2. The Strong Man

Mike Pont/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Neil Patrick Harris is known for his wiry frame. Yes, there's some muscle definition going on and NPH is in great shape, but a bulky bodybuilder he is not. It would take some major makeup or CGI magic to turn Neil into a Mr. Universe-style macho man, but he definitely has the acting chops and big personality to pull of the super sized presence.

3. The Living Torso

Going in the complete opposite direction, instead of bulking up NPH's limbs, we could get rid of them all together. The real "Living Torsos" include performers like Prince Randian and Violetta, who had no arms or legs and performed tricks like rolling cigarettes or sewing using only their mouths. This one has the benefit of being the kind of visual AHS thrives on.

4. The Four-Legged Man

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sticking with the visuals, Neil could add limbs instead of subtracting them and play the four-legged man. A famous four-legged woman performed at Coney Island. The cause of her freakish extra limbs? A dipygus twin growing from her pelvis. The backstory has everything you need for a good American Horror Story character. A look that is very disturbing? Check. A medical oddity story that brings in some crazy family weirdness? Check.

5. The Psychic

What freak show or carnival would be complete without a resident mystic to tell patrons their futures? If Harris doesn't have time for a makeup-intensive role, maybe he could go cerebral with his creep factor instead, playing Freak Show's psychic, foretelling woe and misery for everyone involved. This role would give NPH a chance to do some awesome character acting.

Let's make this happen, FX!