When Is She Gonna Get Married Already?

It’s a shame that most celebs don’t send out mass 'save the date' cards via social media. If I were famous and getting married, I’d totally pioneer that trend. If that were the case, we'd already know when, say, someone like Scarlett Johansson is getting married. We know she’s been engaged to French journalist Romain Dauriac for a while now, but since the news came out there has been scant intel about any “big day” plans. So what’s going on with Johansson's impending nuptials? Are they happening this year? Do we have to wait all the way until next summer? Don’t fret just yet, because it looks like everyone's favorite pucker-lipped ingenue may be tying the knot in a few weeks!

On Monday, Page Six reported that Scarlett Johansson’s wedding date is much sooner than you may have expected. Johansson attended a massively chi-chi bash at Martha Stewart’s East Hampton estate over the weekend which happened to be the first party at Stewart’s estate in 20 years. The party was in celebration of a particular type of Dom Pérignon that costs $400 a bottle. Translation: too fancy for you and I. Scarlett was there to soak up the opulence, but bummer, she can’t drink because she’s pregnant. However, this doesn’t mean she didn’t catch a bit of the loose-lips disease when it came to her wedding date.

A few little birds chirped to the publication that Johansson was overheard at a party chatting about impending wedding plans. Basically, we have an answer! Granted, this answer is about as speculative as Lord Varys’ canaries around King’s Landing. Reportedly, the actress is planning to get married in late August. That’s so close!

With the release of Lucy and a baby on the way, this is a summer jam-packed with activity for Johansson. No definitive word yet on where the couple plans to get hitched. Some speculate that it may be in her fiancé's homeland of France, while others are like "Nah, the Hamptons... They're always there!" If I were a friend of ScarJo's I'd definitely suggest the Hamptons. "It's positively heavenly this time of summer, darling," I would tell her in a clench-jawed, upper crusty accent. But no matter where it happens, I'm sure the wedding will be just as stylist and understated as a Sofia Coppola film.

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