Mark Ruffalo Hugs Tom Hiddleston In the Greatest GIF You Forgot Existed — PHOTO

There are GIFs, and then there are GIFs. I'm not just talking about any GIFs, I'm talking about this GIF of Tom Hiddleston receiving one epic hug from Mark Ruffalo. You are jealous. It's okay — no one is judging your jealousy.

Anyhow, just consider this your daily dose of Tom Hiddleston, because let's face it: you need a daily dose of him, whether it's him riding a horse, as a vampire, hanging with Benedict Cumberbatch, performing as Loki, or receiving a hug from one of his fellow castmates back in 2012, at the Avengers Assemble Press Conference in London.

Since his Jaguar ad was banned in the United Kingdom, consider this oldie but goodie GIF the Internet's virtual hug to Hiddleston. The ad made it look like it was promoting "reckless driving," when in reality, let's face it — it was promoting a schmancy car and Hiddleston.

Anyhow, enjoy this moment of guy love between these two men. They're pals, they're co-stars, they support each other, you know how it goes. And remember: it's okay to be jealous of Mark Ruffalo. You're allowed to want to embrace Hiddleston. Just a pro tip: ask for his permission if you meet him.

Image: Imgur