Chris Soules Attacked JJ O'Brien On 'The Bachelorette: Men Tell All' And It Was So Unfair

On Monday's Bachelorette Men Tell All JJ O'Brien became the unexpected target when the guys attacked him for the way he handled the alleged racist comments made by fellow contestant Andrew Poole. The worst attack came from farmer Chris Soules who suddenly jumped down the Pantsapreneur's throat. To be honest it was kind of out of line for the season's supposed "nice guy."

"How do you handle this situation as a man?" Chris said, his voice raised. "You're creating an issue where it could have been handled like a man!"

I don't know what being a man has to do with anything. When JJ did bring up the comments, he may have done so a few weeks too late in some people's mind, but he did so in a calm, collected manner. If you ask me that was a pretty "manly" way to go about it, but okay.

Chris' out of the blue attack felt like it was less about how JJ handled the situation, and more about something more personal between the two men. "You called me a **** behind my back," Chris shouted.

Then later when JJ asked for a chance to defend himself against the attacks, he said he didn't really care what people thought of how he handled it, because he did what he felt was right. "The why are you telling us if you don't really care?" Chris asked accusatorially, almost rolling his eyes.

Um? Because you were attacking him?

Look I'm sure Chris is a nice guy who maybe just woke up on the wrong side of the bed before the taping of this episode, but his attack of JJ felt less like it had to do with the issue at hand. Rather it felt like he was pissed that JJ supposedly called him a name and used the racist comments conversation for his own agenda. That's probably a discussion better held off camera when the issue at hand was about the much more important alleged racism on behalf of one of the contestants.

Image: ABC; giphy