Is Andrew Poole Racist Towards Marquel? 'The Bachelorette: Men Tell All' Sure Made It Look That Way

There are a lot of questions we demand answers to on Monday's Bachelorette: Men Tell All special, but considering the fact that we're over 30 minutes in without a single piece of new intel? Not the best start. We have seen the most unnecessary display of scarves ever broadcast on television, but that's a totally different subject. Fortunately, though, once our charming host, Chris Harrison, gets down to business, he gets down to business — and he's opening up discussion on one of the biggest debates this season: Whether or not Andrew is actually guilty of making a racist remark toward Ron and Marquel after the first rose ceremony.

If Andrew did call Ron and Marquel "blackies," as I strongly suspect he did — and it seems the rest of the contestants are in agreement with me — now is a great time for him to hear Marquel out and apologize. Does he do that? No. He makes a zillion more excuses, and none of them give us any type of insight as to what might have actually happened. The best thing that happens? Marquel becomes the true Sass Machine we knew he was always capable of becoming, and for that, I am thankful. The audience is very clearly on his side, and I am, too.

But finally, we've arrived at what we've all been waiting for: The moment of truth: Chris has the moment in question on film, and we can clearly see that Andrew has something to say once Ron's called up, but what? Not sure, since the audio isn't there, but if I had to make the call based on the way Andrew's handling this right now? Yeah, he's definitely guilty of saying something he's not proud of, or else why would he be anything but apologetic for the misunderstanding?

Andrew, you didn't fool Andi, and you didn't fool us... and now, your 15 minutes of reality show fame are just about up. See ya never!

Image: ABC