What Did He Do To Piss Everyone Off, Anyway?

Reality dating shows wouldn't be reality dating shows without a little drama, right? And where The Bachelorette is concerned, that counts double. And although this season of The Bachelorette has been more of a snoozefest than seasons past, I'm still rooting for Andi Dorfman. I want her to rise above the drama and find true love, should she still believe in it by the time her adventure comes to a close. So far, the opinion is definitely split when it comes to making the call on whether Andi will choose to spend her life (or, for you realists out there, the next few months) with Nick Viall or Josh Murray — but the title of public enemy number one? I think we can all agree that one belongs to Bachelorette castoff Andrew Poole, who has gone above and beyond to offend his fellow contestants — especially Marquel, our diamond in the rough — and Bachelor nation at large with his behavior.

And although Andrew's never been my favorite dude, there are two incidents that both stand out as two of the worst things anyone can do in life in general, but are especially bad decisions when you know you're not only being recorded but also being judged by a group of guys who all want to date the same girl that you do. Shall we discuss? Yes, absolutely. Andrew, bathe in the shame of your actions!

He may or may not be a racist.

This one still has me shaking my head. I almost don't even want to talk about it, but I really want to drive the point home that Andrew seems like a total jerk. Sigh. Okay. Here's what went down: During the first rose ceremony, Andrew was overheard saying that Andi gave roses to "the two blackies," referring to Marquel and Ron. Guys, it's 2014. Do people really still say stuff like that? Later, JJ told Marquel what he heard, and Marquel was obviously none too pleased. So Marquel confronted Andrew, who, of course, said that never happened, leaving us with no idea what to believe.

We have no proof that this really happened, but if it did? Yeah, it's probably a good thing that he's not still in the running.

He got a phone number while on The Bachelorette — and it wasn't Andi's.

Andrew, you're fully aware of why you're mic-ed up and vying for the affection of that pretty girl standing over there, right? Because you're here to try to win her over? And not turn the entire thing into a televised flirt fest? Okay then.

The way JJ tells it, Andrew "chatted up" a hostess while they were out to dinner and bragged afterward that he got her phone number. Not cool, bro. Not cool.

Andrew's side of it? He claims he was handed a phone number, totally unsolicited, end of story. Sorry, buddy, I'm not buying it. You might be good looking enough to be cast on The Bachelorette, but you're no Zac Efron, and I doubt women are tripping over themselves to hand you their number without even speaking to you first.

But at the end of the day, Andi ended up seeing right through him, and he was sent home — and that's all that matters. Whether she ends up with Nick, Josh, or some guy she meets a year from now, that guy is not Andrew. What. A. Relief.

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