Zach Braff Makes Video For Super Fan, Suddenly Becomes a Little Less of a Jerk — VIDEO

Say what you will about Zach Braff, but he is pretty loyal to his fans. Before you roll your eyes and say, "whatever, Zach Braff is The Grand Master Douchebag," watch this video that Braff took for a super fan. It's a short little segment in which he tells a dude named Mattias just how awesome he is.

Apparently, according to Mattias's Reddit post, Mattias's pal somehow, by the power of the indie movie and Scrubs gods, ended up in a car with Braff. This friend told Braff that his buddy was a super fan and that he watched Scrubs every day for years. Braff acquiesced to his fandom and then took this video, which totally made Mattias's day.

What Braff says, however, may border on hyperbole ("you're the reason I've done everything I've ever done in my life" is actually just a flat-out lie, unless Braff and Mattias go waaay back in some parallel universe), and might even be seen as cavalier, but it's no matter, since Braff took seven seconds to make this guy's day.

And just in case that hasn't sold you and you're still on the fence about Braff, here's something for ya: he recorded the video because he'll do anything for his fans. Look no further than his interview with Seth Meyers on Monday night's edition of Late Night in which he told Meyers about a voice recording he did for a dentist's office.

So, there you have it! Zach Braff: Man of The People (if said people want him to record something. He's an artist!).

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