Brittany's Three Children are Adorable

One of the most underestimated guests in the Big Brother house is Brittany Martinez, the girl with the target on her back this week. Anyone who hadn't been paying attention to Brittany probably stood up at attention when Devin nominated her for eviction back when he was still here. Devin said he didn't want someone like her in the house and Brittany fired back with a, "Ditto" and a sarcastically blown kiss. Now that she's on the block again and it seems likely that Brittany will be the next house guest to be evicted, I can't help but want to know more about the single mother of three who faced down Devin and won — at least for that week.

Unfortunately, that's a pretty tall order. Brittany's Instagram is set on private and her Twitter has not been updated by her since April 2013. While Brittany's Twitter is currently being run by friends in her absence, anyone hoping to glean any more personal information about Brittany's life or about Brittany as a person than can be gained from her Pinterest account is kind of out of luck. Everything we know about Brittany we're going to have to get from watching the show and from her official CBS biography.

Thankfully, Brittany tweets links to some of her Instagram pictures even though the profile as a whole is set to private and it's from those pictures that we got a good look of exactly what she gave up to come to the Big Brother house.

Brittany is a mother of three who, as her CBS bio states, recently started dating again after being married for eight years. The hardest part of being in the Big Brother house is, to her, "being away from my family and kids. I've never gone longer than a weekend without my kids let alone months of not seeing them or talking with them."

From the Instagram photos, Brittany has two boys and a girl whose names she hasn't mentioned on the show yet. From the way she talks about them, and the sheer number of pictures she posts of them, it's clear that Brittany loves them very much. She may not have mentioned her kids every other sentence like Devin and his daughter (did you know Devin had a daughter?) or like Frankie and his sister Ariana Grande (did you know Frankie's sister was Ariana Grande?), but Brittany's Twitter was split between her work with Nerium International, her beloved children, and not much else that seemed as important.

If Brittany does go home this week, then at least it will be a bittersweet sort of thing. The bitter part obviously being the loss of her chance to win money for her family, but the sweet part being the reunion that both Brittany and her children are probably dying to have. Besides, unlike Devin, at least Brittany can walk out of the house with her chin held high knowing that she played an "integral" game that her children would have been proud to watch her play.

Personally, I hope that Brittany stays, but there's nothing like a family reunion to take the sting out of an eviction. Even if Brittany loses, she's going to win.

Image: livelovelaugh_repeat/Instagram