Ireland Baldwin & Angel Haze Are Hollywood's Cutest Couple for 11 Adorable Reasons — PHOTOS

With Beyoncé and Jay Z's relationship reportedly rocky, we're in desperate need of a new celebrity love story. Sorry, but Kimye just won't cut it. Luckily, Ireland Baldwin and Angel Haze prove true love exists. Although whether or not they're engaged is a mystery, one thing is definitely true: They're Hollywood's cutest new couple. If you're unsure about that, prepare to be persuaded. Here's a round-up of all the reasons why Alec Baldwin's daughter and the VMA-nominated rapper are the perfect pair.

Image: Ireland Baldwin/Instagram

Angel Serenades Ireland

Isn’t it every girl’s dream to have someone sing to them? At London’s Wireless Fest, Haze serenaded Baldwin, who later tweeted her joy — saying it was ”like she was Heath Ledger and I was Julia Stiles.”

Bonus points for the 10 Things I Hate About You reference!Image: Ireland Baldwin/Instagram

They Joke Around

After attempting to watch a movie together, Baldwin posted a series of tweets joking about how it was practically impossible. Being able to joke around with each other is an important part of any relationship.

Image: Ireland Baldwin/Twitter

They're Private People

Unlike other Hollywood couples, they don’t go overboard with flaunting their relationship.

Just look at Ireland’s Twitter rant about tabloids: our private life should be respected as well. a lot of claims have been recently posted that we’re never said. reporters like to take our words, alter them to their benefit and run. it’s not cool. we’re happy. we’re healthy. that’s all that matters.”

Image: Angel Haze/Instagram

But Not Opposed To Occasional PDA

Like this candid from Cinco de Mayo.

Image: Ireland Baldwin/Instagram

They're "Heroes"

Their matching tattoos prove a point: they are heroes. Instead of letting racist or homophobic comments get them down, they don’t hide their relationship. They know love trumps hate.

Baldwin’s tweet proves this: ”making this about race or the fact that were both women is rather outdated. this is a new world we live in people.”

Image: Angel Haze/Instagram

They're Super Supportive

Baldwin supports Haze’s music career. Just last week, Haze tweeted about how it was a blast that she joined her on tour, “me and da bae flying home today. super fortunate to have had @IrelandBBaldwin on tour with me.”

Image: Ireland Baldwin/Instagram

Their Matching Jewelry

Even if it’s not an engagement ring (but it sure seems like it), their gift-giving is super sweet.

Image: Angel Haze/Instagram

They're Totally In Love

And don’t care who knows it. Haze shut down rumors about a potential break-up, saying, “my tweets are never about @IrelandBBaldwin, lest they be about how immersed in this love i am. mind ya business. u dont know my life”

Image: Angel Haze/Instagram

They Have Good Taste

Their brunch dates are precious!

P.S. Where can I get a plate of those pancakes?

Image: Angel Haze/Instagram

They Make Time For Fans

If you ran into Brangelina at a restaurant, they wouldn’t give you the time of day. Not true for Angland (Iregel?). They actually appreciate fans. Haze tweeted, “At lunch with my sweetheart. American cafe but not??? we love meeting u guys.”

Image: Ireland Baldwin/Instagram

They're Selfie Queens

They’re not opposed to silly selfies. Unlike those cryptic ones Justin Bieber posts (and then deletes) with Selena Gomez, these don’t make us roll our eyes.

Image: Angel Haze/Instagram