It's The Honest Trailer for 'Divergent'

Oh, those Screen Junkies, always tellin' it like it is in their brutally honest (and very appropriately titled) Honest Trailers. Now, after many requests from viewers, the good folks over there have given us the Honest Trailer for Divergent . Or is it The Hunger Games? No. It's Divergent. (You can get the gist of what the major joke is in this video, right?)

Essentially, this Honest Trailer pokes fun at how Divergent is pretty much The Hunger Games minus the infamous games, and further, seems like the author of Divergent saw The Hunger Games and saw a ploy to make a shit ton of money — just twist around some of the details, and — boom! Makin' it rain. While fans of Divergent will likely protest that mercenary notion, it's hard to deny that there are a lot of general similarities shared between different young adult franchises.

And what about your heroine played by your favorite candid actress, Shailene Woodley? Well, the Screen Junkies say that she's "smarter than Bella [Swan, of the Twilight franchise] and more decisive than Katniss [Everdeen, of the frequently-referenced-here Hunger Games]...but that won't stop her from getting her ass kicked..." or from the tropes that, as the Screen Junkies put it, pander to teenage girls, like the ever-popular cinematic trope staring at yourself in the mirror, which always reads as so, so deep. Oh, well. She tried.

Check it out below!

Image: Screen Junkies/Youtube