Who Knew Bobcats Were So Cuddly?

As far as adorable videos involving animals on the Internet go, this one's got to be toward the top of the list — next to that one video of the French Bulldog that's scared of its own farts. Nothing beats that video. However, an adorable bobcat that's apparently so grateful and full of love for the family who rescued him that he can't help but hug and nuzzle everyone? At least a close second. And sure enough, that's exactly what this video is: A rescued bobcat "showing his love" toward the boy of a family that rescued him, by literally hugging him and being generally really cute.

You can check out the adorable video below, courtesy of World Amateur News on YouTube. Most adorable moment, hands down, is when the boy backs away for a second, and the loving bobcat still attempts to get more hugs in by simply leaning closer. In a way, it's kind of reminiscent of when you have a pet and you make it spend time with you by closing your door and petting it until it gets annoyed by all your affection and runs away because, God, Mom, stop suffocating me!

Man, animals are the best.

Image: YouTube