15 Super Cute Animals Who Just Won't Give Up, Because Life Is a Struggle But This Cuteness Will Help

Every so often, one of my cats does this totally weird thing where she scales her cat castle like it’s a mountain. And I’m talking Dread Pirate Roberts-style, claws-in-the-chinks climbing — it’s truly something to behold. She falls a lot of the time, because a) cat castles aren’t meant to be climbed like mountains, and b) cat claws aren’t really meant for that sort of activity; but you know what she does when that happens? She just picks herself right back up and goes for it again. She just won’t. Give. Up.

Kind of like these 15 furry, spiked, four-legged, feathered, and finned creatures here. They trip; they fall; they get stuck; they break out their light sabers and do battle against the Dark Side; and yet, they persevere. No one likes an unsolicited pep talk, but everyone likes cute animal GIFs — so, if you’re having trouble getting through your week (good gravy, is it really only Tuesday? Siiiiiiigh), here. Have some motivation. Some adorable, super cute, totally awwwww-worthy motivation. If these little guys and gals can make it through, so can you. Onwards and upwards, right?

1. What Do We Do When We Fall?

We get right back up and keep going.

2. If I Keep Jumping…

…I will eventually reach the doorknob!

3. This Is My Ball

You can’t have it.

4. Stuck? Who’s Stuck?

I’m not. I’m in here because I want to be. No, I do not need your help; I will get out of here on my own, whenever I feel like it, thank you very much.

5. Out for a Stroll

Well, someone’s got to take Junior for his daily walk.

6. Back, Fell Beast!

UnderRedAlert on YouTube

Just like someone’s got to keep the forces of evil at bay.

7. Omnomnom

The sweet, juicy insides of this watermelon will be mine. Oh yes. They will.

8. Determination: I Has It

I… will… cross… this… road… if… it’s… the… last… thing… I… do… dammit! (But thanks for the help.)

9. Run! Run for Your Life!

And never stop running! And while we're at it...

10. Baby Goat Stampede!

Because there's no stampede like the stampede of a dozen tiny, extremely determined goats.

11. Silver Linings

The upside of the Cone of Shame: Once you put your head down, no one can steal your treats!

12. I Can Make It!

OK, so I can't right now, but I will keep trying until I can!

13. Just Keep Swimming

His favorite movie is Finding Nemo, but shhhhh. Don't tell anyone.

14. Hang In There

The living embodiment of that classic motivational poster.

15. Yoink!

Finders keepers!

And here's a bonus for you. Try, just TRY not to root for this puppy:


Images: Gerg1967/Flickr; Animal Gifs, Little Animal Gifs (2), This Is Carbon/Tumblr; Gif Wall; Giphy (7); Wiffle Gif; Gif Soup; Senor Gif