Target's In a Snap App Makes Shopping A Snap

by Tyler Atwood

If you think Target is already the ideal shopping experience, you're in for a treat. In addition to its extensive selection of products at affordable prices, Women's Wear Daily reports that the retailer is now also venturing into the app sphere, debuting the Target In a Snap App for consumers who want greater ease of purchase on-the-go. In a Snap allows customers to scan Target's print ads in publications such as Domino and Real Simple, emits a clicking sound like a camera snap, and displays relevant pricing and information about the products available in the chosen advertisement. Though it may not be enough to win back the trust of customers burned by Target's information leak, it appears that the company is determined to make 2014 a year of progress instead of setbacks.

The app was created by Target's Rapid Accelerated Development group, who along with the company's marketing strategists, seek to further engage customers. This could be a monumental step forward for the brand, as its link with Millennials may be bolstered by further shopping shortcuts and new buyer experiences which may appeal to tech-savvy customers. In addition, impulse buyers will find it easier to indulge when they can immediately purchase an item they've seen and liked in one of Target's campaigns. And you thought Target was already addictive. Hopefully, the brand will continue to spin out creative endeavors such as In a Snap to win back its consumer aficionados.