Obama Protest Turns Racist Outside Arizona High School

While President Obama delivered a speech on the economy and housing in Phoenix's Desert Vista High School on Tuesday, hundreds gathered outside the building, protestors and supporters alike, according to the Arizona Republic.

The group that gathered to protest spoked out against the president's policies and programs, as well as issues such as home loss, an extension of the Keystone Pipeline, and immigration. Not all protestors went straight to the issues, though; others used the "race card", which is how one anti-Obama protestor described Obama supporters who disagreed with her, according to the Arizona Republic.

Some of the taunts?

"Bye bye black sheep."

"Impeach the Half-White Muslim!"

“He’s 47 percent Negro.”

Possibly the most ironic statement? “He’s divided all the races. I hate him for that," Judy Burris, who also blames Obama for racism in America, told the Republic.

Several also came out in support of the president, including a man dressed as an Obama bobble head. “There’s so much extremism in Arizona. The people who are doing that are a vocal minority," Jonathan Rines said of the anti-Obama protestors.

Check out footage from the gathering below: