Frankie's Grandpa Supported Him On 'Big Brother'

It was absolutely heartbreaking to find out on Wednesday morning that Frankie and Ariana Grande's grandpa had passed away on Tuesday. It was no secret that current Big Brother contestant Frankie and pop star Ariana both admired their Grandpa Grande to no end, as did many fans who felt like they knew him through his presence on Frankie and Ariana's social media accounts. Ariana broke the news on Twitter early this morning, thanking family, friends, and fans for their constant support during this difficult time.

With the Grande family's best interest in mind, many have been wondering if Frankie would be informed of the news that his grandpa had passed. As a houseguest of Big Brother, Frankie is completely cut off from the outside world, void of all social media accounts and contact to his family. But because of the heartbreaking loss, and previous situations where CBS has informed houseguests of family emergencies, it is only a matter of time before the producers inform Frankie of the loss. They will most likely call him in to the Diary Room to let him know, but as of 9:22 a.m on Wednesday, all of the houseguests are asleep in the Big Brother house.

Depending on what Frankie wants to do — it is important to note that if he so decides to leave the house or not leave the house, it should be a respected decision by all, as it is his decision — his game could come to an end today. But according to Ariana, Grandpa Grande didn't want Frankie to be pulled from the Big Brother house.

It is not known how much information producers will be able to give Frankie, or if they will let him call his family to check in with them during this time. It seems like if he were given that opportunity, without having to self-evict, they would tell him to stay strong, but remain in the game. That is, after all, what Grandpa Grande would have wanted.

The hashtag #RIPGrandpaGrande is currently a top Twitter trend, with fans sending an outpour of messages to the pop star and her family with their condolences and well wishes. We, too, are thinking of the Grande family at this time.

Image: Frankie Grande/Instagram