'Almost Royal's Poppy & Georgie Carlton Aren't Real Royalty or Country Music Royalty

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In the season finale of BBC America's Almost Royal , Poppy and Georgie Carlton are making their way on down to Nashville. Lucky for fans, I'm sure the pair of posh misfits are going to run into their fair share of southern-inspired "misunderstandings," which will, undoubtedly, be all of their own devious doing.

Knowing that the comedians that play Poppy and Georgie, Amy Hoggart and Ed Gamble, like to have a bit of fun with the American locals, they're probably going to take every chance they have to create an awkward moment or two. The biggest (and most hysterical) challenge the siblings could potentially face? The lyrics to actual country songs. Take a look at few of the lyrics that Georgie and Poppy's naive minds might not understand (or might take too literally), and what I imagine they would say in response to them.

Image: BBC America

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