8 Times 'Almost Royal's Georgie & Poppy Carlton Really Pissed People Off

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BBC America's sort of-reality series Almost Royal stars faux aristocrats Georgie and Poppy Carlton, who are actually comedians Ed Gamble and Amy Hoggart. Think of it as Borat-light as the Carltons spoof Americans into thinking they are royalty. Inevitably, people lose their temper with them, not realizing they are on the receiving end of an elaborate joke. Although tricking people on national television may not be the most ethical thing, it does lead to an entertaining show.

So far we have seen Georgie and Poppy visit Los Angeles, Boston, Texas, New York, and Detroit. On Saturday night they’ll be visiting our nation’s capital, Washington D.C., where they are sure to make some politicians and tour guides angry. So let’s check out the top people who've lost their cool with the pampered and spoiled Georgie and Poppy so far.

Image: Burning Bright Productions/BBC America

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