You Must Watch Her Sing Yahoo! Answers

Surely all of us at one point in our lives have Googled questions like "Does he like me?" and "Accidentally ate raw chicken. Will I die?" And what not very trustworthy source always comes to the rescue, without fail, but with plenty of grammatical errors? Yahoo answers! The ultimate community for perennial hypochondriacs on the Internet is always hilarious, but Yahoo answers are even funnier when they're sung... by Audra McDonald, no less.

In a genius segment brought to us by The Tonight Show's suggestion box, the six-time The Tony Award winning singer, actress, and all around musical theater goddess puts her gorgeous, silky voice on these ludicrous questions in the style of a lounge singer. She doesn't bat her eye once as she tells us what her name is, how to fix an ice cube that's stuck in one's throat, or how to become the President of the United States.

It's pretty clear that Yahoo answers are not only meant to be read aloud, but they are meant to be sung gorgeously. In fact, here's an idea for an app: an app that turns what you're reading on the Internet into a melodic ballad sung by Audra McDonald.

You can watch McDonald transform these silly answers into sultry lounge music below. Let's face it: the Internet has been waiting for Audra McDonald to lend it her voice.

Image: NBC