The Anti-Homophobia Olympic Uni Designer Search

Nonprofit organizations Athlete Ally and All Out are looking for a well-known, international designer to create an anti-homophobia motif for Olympians to wear at the Winter 2014 Olympics in Russia. The move is a response to the recent Russian laws against "gay propaganda."

The goal is to design a uniform for Olympians to wear that will reject the anti-gay propaganda laws that Russia has put forth. Brian Ellner, Athlete Ally Board Member and LGBT Rights strategist told Vogue UK, "One of the most effective things we can do at the games is to amass a global army of athlete allies who demonstrate their support for the LGBT citizens of Russia and LGBT athletes around the world. We look forward to partnering on the development of that symbol."

Although they're more than a year away, the Winter 2014 Olympics are already gearing up to be an incredibly controversial and heated event. This move from Athlete Ally and All Out is a welcome reminder that fashion can have an important purpose and bold message.