The Queen Just Photobombed a Selfie

It's not every day that you can say that the queen of England appeared in your selfie. Say no more, as all of that has changed now, as these two girls have living proof. The queen of England photobombed these two girls' selfie ... "accidentally," of course. But it's no matter. Consider this one of the best photobombs in the history of the Internet — scratch that, in the history of photos, because not only did she incidentally appear in their photo ... but she smiled! We can see it all in the photo that Jayde Taylor shared on Twitter.

So, how'd these two girls wind up with this photo in the first place? According to their photo, it looks like they were at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. The queen was also there, which just might mean that she's a field hockey fan. Then again, we also can infer that she's a Game of Thrones fan based on her recent visit to the set of the popular HBO show, even if she refused to sit on the Iron Throne during her visit.

You can see it below. This is one of the few selfies that will make you say, "maybe I should take selfies from time to time ... just in case the queen of England randomly appears in one." (Pro tip: You should still always try to exercise discretion when taking a selfie.)