'Big Brother's Caleb Reynolds Should Try & Hook Up With This Housemate

Showmances — that's "reality show romances," but I'm sure you already knew that — are a huge part of the reason why anyone tunes into a reality show. Big Brother has spurned some hot ones, from season two's "Kroogie" (Krista and Mike "Boogie") to season 12 and 13's "Brenchel" (Brendon and Rachel) to this past season's "McRanda" (McRae and Amanda). On this current season, 26-year-old Dallas native Caleb Reynolds is doing his darndest to be added to that coveted list, but it just hasn't panned out. Who should he actually, realistically be setting his sights upon?

Not Amber, for one thing. Caleb has been trying to make "Calber" happen since day one. From effusively complimenting her religious values, to delivering her ice cream, to watching her sleep (!), the dude has made it maybe a little too clear that his heart has found its target. On Tuesday, he ate a pickle (not a euphemism), in order to "win" a date with Amber. During the insanely awkward date, Caleb proposed to spend his $5000 Power of Veto earnings on, well, a proposal. In Germany. PROBABLE SPOILER: She won't go to Germany.

Caleb, sweet Caleb, if you offer a woman a European getaway and she refuses, she's just not that into you. A Southern boy like you is almost certainly familiar with the folk rock tune "Love the One You're With," and maybe it's time he heed its lyrics. If you can't be with the one you love...

...love the one you're with.

Spaleb? Canky? Oh, what's in a name. That sock monkey would absolutely go to Germany with you. And the best part? Totally qualifies as a carry on.

Images: Monty Brinton/CBS; Cliff Lipson/CBS