#RichKids Are The Worst, Am I Right?

By Kaitlin Reilly

Have you ever asked yourself, "If I had a seemingly infinite amount of money, what would I do with it?" If you haven't, you're probably 1) Not particularly materialistic, or 2) Already swimming in pools of cold, hard cash. If you weren't born with a trust fund or haven't accumulated an insane amount of wealth (yet!), don't worry about it — after all, rich kids are kind of the worst, aren't they? At least, that's what I'm telling myself to stop drooling enviously over these Instagram photos from the cast of # RichKids of Beverly Hills .

The E! series, which premiered in January, is coming back for Season 2 on Aug. 3, so be prepared to lust over private jets, infinity pools and limited-edition Louboutins. If you missed the nine-episode first season, you missed a real treat. Imagine an unscripted 90210 with all of the shallowness of Laguna Beach mixed with a touch of Real Housewives. This summer it will air after Keeping Up With the Kardashians, making Kim and Co. look a little more down to earth which each new episode.

The series stars Dorothy Wang, a "funemployed" and "fabulous" rich kid and the first to be discovered from the Tumblr page Rich Kids of Instagram, which might make you want to never want to go on the Internet ever again. Dorothy is joined by her BFF Morgan Stewart, a blogger and daughter of a prominent architect. (Hence why she can even have a blog called "Boobs and Loubs.") EJ Johnson, aka Magic Johnson's son, is also a #RichKid, as is Morgan's boyfriend Brendan Fitzpatrick and their friends Roxy Sowlaty (an interior designer freaking the eff out because her parents are about to cut her off) and Jonny Drubel, an aspiring songwriter.

They all live the #fancy life and love it, which I'm assuming most people who live the #fancy life do. And while I'm sure that they're all decent people (OK, "sure" is a strong word) I can't help but cringe/cry out of jealousy over some of their Instagram posts. I mean, come awwwwn, do you really need another Chanel bag? (I'm just saying, I have a really awesome Chanel bag drive that you can donate it to. Hit me up on Twitter and I'll totally send you the address.)

Here's why #RichKids are the absolute worst... even when they have the absolute best.

Because When You're Working On Monday, They're In the Infinity Pool

Some infinities are greater than other infinities. I think I finally understand that Fault In Our Stars quote now.

Because They Do Birthdays Big

You know you're rich when you spring for the red leather interior.

Because You Know She Doesn't Really Need To Decide Between Colors

I'd go with the blue, though. Just sayin'.

Because This Celine Bag Is So Beautiful I Want To Cry Because It Isn't Mine


Because Bottle Service Is Never Not An Option

(The less-than-classy caption doesn't exactly help matters.)

Because Even Their iPhones Have A Chanel Bag


Because Getting Their Hair Did Is #NBD

"Oh, is my designer purse in the way of my #selfie? Sorry."

Because Their Summer Looks Better Than Yours Right Now

I bet they have cute waiters who bring them Voss.

Because They're No Longer Impressed With Private Planes

I mean, really.

Because They Actually Don't Care What You Think About Them

If they wanted your approval, they'd just buy it.

Images: E!; dorothywang, boobsandloubs, roxysowlaty, brendanfitzp, ejjohnson/Instagram