Hermione's 13 Best 'Harry Potter' Spells, Because We All Know Who The Real Badass Is

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There's not a single Harry Potter fan that doesn't know the dialogue from the Wingardium Leviosa scene. Probably because it's one of the Harry Potter series' best spells, but also because of Hermione Granger, the Potter series resident feminist and overall badass. Let's face it, Ron and Harry, while being some of the greatest characters in literature, wouldn't have survived through Prisoner of Azkaban had it not been for Hermione being the most talented witch in their year.

So naturally, the next most-important list in Harry Potter (aside from the obvious book and movie ranking) is a list of Hermione Granger's best spells over the course of J.K. Rowling's sprawling series.

Image: Warner Bros.

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