Why Did Trix Change Shapes?

I take cereal very seriously (for example, I will make a special trip to Target just for cereal because Target has the best cereal selection), so it is sort of strange that up until now, I had zero clue as to why Trix switched from fruit-shaped pieces to spherical puffs of sugary goodness. I knew it happened at some point during the New Millennium, but I didn't know why and I couldn't remember the exact year. Alas, I would not let myself be in the dark no longer: I had to investigate.

What was it that compelled me to jump down the Trix rabbit research hole? A TV ad. The Trix TV ad that shows off the six new flavors, that is. Yes, the new flavors are intriguing and I want to try them ASAP, but what about the shape? Why oh why did they pull a switcheroo on us?

Thanks to Spoon University, I now know a little more about the history of Trix. When it debuted in 1955, the cereal was orb-shaped. In 1991, Trix made a big change: The circles morphed into fruit-shaped pieces. (I do not remember the pre-fruit shape era, but I remember the fruit shape era like it was yesterday. Ugh, I will forever be Team Fruit Shape. The mouthfeel cannot be denied!)

Uh, this seems like the perfect moment to fire up some retro Trix ads. Are you down? Of course you are. Retro ads are the best!

Here's a commercial from the '50s:

One from the '60s:

One from the '70s:

One from the '80s:

And of course, the biggest announcement of 1991:

I could put those old ads in my eyes all day.

In 2006, the cereal decided to get back to its roots and switch to its pre-1991 look: the orb. An homage to the OG Trix.

And in 2014, here we are:

Fruity Yellow, Berry Purple, Tasty Orange, Blue Bizzurple, Berry Green, and Red Rooty-Tooty.

Bizzurple? So mysterious! You know how to pique a gal's interest, General Mills.

Image: Trix