Do You Know Your IX? New Website Makes Sure You Do

Sexual assault has been a hot-button issue this year, particularly on college campuses as students pressure administration to tighten up sexual assault policies. In the wake of burgeoning student activism, "Know Your IX" has emerged as a new, online resource to educate college students in the U.S. about their rights under Title IX.

The ambitious campaign was launched by a network of survivor-activists and allies with the intent to "share the expertise of their first-hand experience with violence, the law, and activism". The site provides access to information on Title IX and the Clery Act, which mandate that universities effectively handle gender-based violence and accurately report sexual assault cases. The site also offers guidance for engaging in campus activism, instructions to file federal complaints against universities, hotlines for emergency care, and advice for survivors and advocates.

As reported by ThinkProgress, the website's front page spotlights campus activists who have fought to dismantle the rape culture at their universities. Check out some of the images below:

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"Know Your IX" is a big splash in the tide against sexual assault. The cyber sphere is helping steer sexual assault from a discussion isolated to individual victims to a national student outcry. All I can say is: It's about time.

Image: ThinkProgress