Audrina Patridge's Comic-Con Costume Will Leave Comic Book Lovers Proud

As it turns out, one of my favorite The Hills reality stars is either a bit of a nerd or a really huge X-Men fan. Or both! Based on pictures coming out of the massive event currently being held in sunny San Diego, CA, former The Hills star turned TV presenter Audrina Patridge dressed up as X-Men's Mystique for this year’s Comic Con — and yes, it was everything. Personally, I couldn’t be prouder.

Donning blue body paint from her head to her toes (or, at least, to the top of her boots — how long did that take to apply?) as well as clay to show off Mystique’s somewhat scaly skin texture, its hard not to be impressed with Patridge, who was made up by the Face Off’s Cig Neutron. Although many of us are more familiar with a short-haired version of Mystique who runs around in the nude, Marvel’s famous comic book character has been given various forms over the years.

Though Mystique is seen wearing her classic white halter dress — like the one Patridge is wearing — in many of the comics, the celebrity decided to go with a longhaired red wig for her take on the character. Audrina's costume is hugely inspired, of course, but as for which variation of the character is superior, I have to go with Jennifer Lawrence and Rebecca Romijn’s shorthaired Mystique: both of their looks seem to stay true to the comics more then Patridge's.

Still, though, gotta appreciate the use of that tiny skull attached to Patridge's forehead (see picture below). This is pretty much a classic look for the mutant.

On top of this, Patridge even wore bright green contacts (even though her eyes are already green) and had her brows painted red to strengthen the overall look. I never thought I’d see the day that Patridge would strip herself of her upscale West Coast look to bring out her inner geek, but she did, and it’s nice to see that she’s just like us despite what we see on TV.

Behind all the fictional drama that viewers saw from The Hills, there was a pretty cool girl hiding there. I’m not going to say Lauren Conrad isn’t my favorite anymore, but Patridge is definitely hot on her heels.

Take that, Justin Bobby!

Images: Audrina Patridge/Instagram