'Big Brother's Frankie & Zach Are In Trouble Again if Frankie Caves in to the Pressure to Evict Zach

Apparently it was too much to ask that at least one week go by without there being trouble between Zach Rance and Frankie Grande on Big Brother. Despite being the favorite couples of fans everywhere, who affectionate refer to the two as "Zankie", Frankie hasn't always remained loyal to Zach despite their closeness. When Devin was the big power in the house and wanted Zach gone, Frankie went behind Zach's back to get him evicted and it was Derrick who had to sway everyone's opinions in Zach's favor to keep him there. When Team America got a mission to start a rumor that one of the house guests was related to a previous Big Brother contestant, something that had the potential to put a huge target on that house guest's back, Frankie came up with the idea to make Zach the pawn in that scheme. In both cases, Zach either never found out or was enthusiastic about the idea, but now that Zach has been dethroned as HoH it seems that everyone is in Frankie's ear to get Zach booted out.

Frankie's continued reign as HoH means that if Victoria or Jocasta earns the veto, or someone else earns it for them and uses it to remove one of them from the block, Frankie will have to put up another house guest for eviction. While the plan is to backdoor either Caleb or Amber (currently Frankie is pushing hard for it to be Amber), Frankie has been making Zankie fans nervous with the sheer amount of times he's had conversations about evicting Zach instead.

The thing is, there are very compelling reasons for why Zach needs to be evicted. Zach is a pot stirrer and, worse, he's a pot stirrer who takes great pride in it. Note how gleeful he was about convincing the entire house that he was Amanda's cousin and inadvertently helping Team America complete their mission. And despite how many of the Detonators tried to talk him out of putting Christine on the block for eviction since she was a member of his own alliance, Zach did it anyway. Much of Frankie's HoH reign has been spent trying to do damage control for Zach, who has pissed off Christine, Hayden, Nicole, Amber, Victoria, and even Cody — which, for those keeping count, is half the household.

However, in a surprising turnaround, Frankie has been doing what he can to defend Zach without jeopardizing his own game. He promised Hayden and Nicole that Zach was just trying to put on a good show for the camera during the dramatic veto ceremony and that he would babysit Zach to make sure he behaved from now on. He told Victoria that he had convinced Zach to keep is head down and his mouth shut for the rest of the week. He convinced Christine that the other Detonators would support her putting Zach up on the block during a double eviction in the future while gauging the rest of the house to make sure they wouldn't actually vote Zach out. For now, it appears that Frankie might actually be returning some of Zach's loyalty.

The fact of the matter is that Frankie is going to do whatever it seems like the house wants him to do when it comes to evictions. He has Zach trying to make amends with the other house guests, but if it comes down to the final nominations and it seems like everyone wants Zach out then Frankie would probably put Zach on the block. After all, throughout all of this, he has expressed a fear that people are going to pressure him into backdooring Zach which means that he definitely would do it if it came right down to it. He might not want to and he might vote for Zach to stay, but at the end of the day being Zach's friend isn't going to help Frankie win Big Brother.

Hopefully, Frankie will stick to his plan to backdoor Amber or Caleb so we never have to hear from that not-showmance again instead of backdooring Zach and ruining the showmance that everyone actually supports.

Image: zankiegrance/Tumblr