'Big Brother' Frankie Throws Zach Under the Bus Again with Help from Team America

Is it just us, or is Frankie trying to destroy his bromance/showmance with Zach yet again? During Sunday night's episode of Big Brother , the newly formed Team America, consisting of houseguests Frankie, Donny, and Derrick, received their first mission from viewers: to convince three other houseguests to spread a rumor that another houseguest is a relative of a past Big Brother contestant. It's framed as a way to take some of the heat off of Team America. Seeing how much the contestants from last year wanted Elissa, who is sister to Season 12 and 13's infamous Rachel Reilly, out of the house, whichever houseguest Team America chose to spread the rumor about would be in deep trouble.

That lucky guy ended up being Zach. Frankie actually came up with the idea to start the rumor that before she walked out of the house, Paola said Zach is the cousin of Big Brother 15 contestant Amanda. He reasoned that they're both from South Florida, and they're both loudmouths, so it would be easy to convince people the two are related. In my opinion, there's a bit of a resemblance as well, so it probably won't be too difficult to convince other houseguests of this rumor. Plus, Frankie also said he's great at starting rumors.

But isn't it kind of disturbing that this is yet another instance of Frankie trying to mess with Zach's game? Last week, he pretty much pushed for Zach to be put up on the block and told Zach to go all crazy on Devin at the Veto ceremony, which could've hurt his chances of staying in the house. Zach escaped eviction and nomination this week so far, so he's in no immediate danger, but a rumor like this could cause irreparable damage to his game. As we saw with the aforementioned Elissa, having a connection to a former houseguest puts a huge target on your back. Letting that relation slip automatically convinces people that you need to be the next one to go home. Someone like Frankie, who is actively trying to keep the identity of his famous sister Ariana Grande a secret, should understand how badly this could affect Zach's chances in the game.

Or maybe because Frankie knows that, that's exactly why he's doing it. Frankie has clearly taken a liking to Zach, but at the end of the day, he's looking out for numero uno, and that's it. Clearly, Frankie wants Team America to succeed for as long as possible so he can rack up $5,000 for each successfully completed mission. Not to mention, he also wants to win the whole competition, which only one person can do. And maybe that means saying goodbye to Zach sooner rather than later.

Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS; zachranceattackers, hobriened/Tumblr