Liam Payne's Nude Instagram Selfie Will Cause One Directioners to Explode — PHOTO

I’m not that surprised, but British band One Direction has once again made the Internet go wild — at least one member of that band, that is. Labeled dad figure of the group, Liam Payne has posted a naked selfie to Instagram for the entire world to see.

Oh, but wait. Before you get too excited (or angry if you’re not a Directioner), Payne’s picture isn’t exactly NSFW. The 20-year-old, who is posing on a boat on a nice sunny day, made the wise decision to cover his man parts with pixilation. Still, it’s implied that he’s naked, and it worries me that he allowed someone else to take the picture of him in the nude. I mean it’s already awkward enough when someone catches you mid-Snapchat selfie.

I personally don’t have a problem with Payne’s photo because it just looks like he’s having fun, but after the band’s scandal when Zayn Malik was caught in a video smoking marijuana, I can’t imagine parents will be too pleased. Yet of course, fans have already taken to Instagram to share their approval for the pantless 1D singer, asking to know who took his picture and even attempting to find the version that isn’t blurred, bless their hearts.

Clearly he has succeeded in generating even more followers, but I wouldn't recommend that everyone jump on the nude selfie bandwagon, because I'm sure there will be consequences.

This person knows what's up:

Images: Liam Payne/Instagram