'Ladies of London's Annabelle Neilson Is Still Just As Cool When the Cameras Aren't Rolling

Whether you were Team Annabelle or Team Juliet during the first season of Bravo's Ladies of London, there was no doubt that you respected how totally awesome Annabelle Neilson was (hey, some people don't like panties being thrown around a Fourth of July party!). Annabelle is a badass horse rider, who we saw fight through a very serious injury. She was great friends with the late, great designer, Alexander McQueen, and was even his muse. She even managed to come off as sane while on a Bravo show, which I — a longtime Bravo viewer — have never seen before.

So now that Ladies of London has completed filming fans are left wondering what has Annabelle been up to since filming completed. Apparently she's been extremely busy since her and the Ladies completed filming, but here are the highlights of her off-camera life.

Image: Rebecca Miller/Bravo

Hanging out with Naomi Campbell

Annabelle, who has a crazy impressive modeling career herself, spends time with other really impressive models, like Naomi Campbell.

Image: Annabelle Neilson/Instagram

Oh, and also Rita Ora

When you’ve got a friend who ties for the most UK number ones by a British solo female artist, you better believe you’re going to celebrate.

Image: Annabelle Neilson/Instagram

She's Been Missing Riding...

We saw Annabelle get thrown off her horse towards the end of Season 1 of Ladies of London, and it seems she still misses those days where she could race (as seen in her comments with fellow LOL Caroline Stanbury).

Image: Annabelle Neilson/Instagram

But She's Getting There

Annabelle posted on her Twitter that her and Mr. Fickle, her horse, have been galloping together, so it seems Annabelle has quite literally made the saying a reality and gotten back on the horse.

Image: Annabelle Neilson/Twitter

Reflecting on Something

After a season on Bravo, what else is a lady left to do?

Image: Annabelle Neilson/Instagram

Poking fun at her cast mates

Annabelle, possibly the most I-don’t-do-drama personality to ever be on Bravo, just wants her fellow ladies to rein it in (how many horse puns can I include?).

Image: Annabelle Neilson/Instagram

Possibly Arguing with Juliet

The two of them butted heads a few times during the season, but are they still at odds? Annabelle seemed to have innocently forgotten Juliet on her Instagram, but of course that didn’t stop Juliet from commenting on it.

Image: Annabelle Neilson/Instagram

Attending the Serpentine Summer Party

No word on if Noelle was able to score a ticket of her own this year, though.

Image: Annabelle Neilson/Instagram

Instagramming Kate Moss

Instagram and Kate Moss meeting in one virtual place makes my mind explode. Annabelle and Kate go way back to their earlier modeling days.

Image: Annabelle Neilson/Instagram

Hanging Out with the Other 'Ladies'

And she looks super duper excited to be hanging out with them, doesn’t she?! Perhaps Juliet just sang the National Anthem again, we know how much Annabelle loved that the first time around.

Image: Marissa Hermer/Instagram