11 Times Frankie Was the Ultimate Belieber

When Frankie's HoH room was revealed during Big Brother, most of us were probably too distracted by the heartwarming pictures of Frankie's grandfather to notice what they gave him for music. As we all know, Frankie's grandfather passed away recently and he was unable to attend the funeral because he's in the Big Brother house. After his family encouraged him to stay and see the competition through, Derrick threw the HoH competition to give Frankie the opportunity to see his pictures from home. Then again, maybe the reason no one took notice of what music they gave Frankie is because the choice was absolutely unsurprising to anyone who has ever spent more than a second on Frankie's Instagram or Twitter. They gave Frankie Grande a Justin Bieber CD because Frankie is pretty much Justin Bieber's biggest fan.

I can already hear some Beliebers out there screaming that they are actually Bieber's biggest fan, but most people pale in comparison to Frankie. His fan crush on Justin Bieber is so large that one Twitter user observed that the best way to get Frankie's attention was to talk about Justin Bieber, Problem (the Ariana Grande song, of course), and Justin Bieber. Frankie retweeted the comment because it was so obviously true and he was so clearly proud of it.

But don't take my word for it. Here are just some of the many times Frankie proved that he's the world's biggest belieber.

1. He posts manips of Bieber for special holidays.

2. He has Justin Bieber posters on his wall.

3. He posted a beautiful message for Bieber's birthday.

"Dear Justin, on your birthday I wanted to take this moment to tell you how much I love and support you and all that you do. A lot of the world has tried to come after you for doing what they deem inappropriate. Here's what I say: [You're] still a kid. You're living your life. And unfortunately this society has given you permission to act and behave in ways that the rest of the world deems inappropriate," read the message. "Well you know what, I don't blame you for that at all! It's our fault. I take the blame as do all of your Beliebers... We are the ones that gave you permission to behave the way you do and we are the ones that will stand by you... Thank you for everything and have the happiest birthday ever! All my love, Frankie."

4. He recorded the first time he met Justin Bieber.

Frankie met Justin Bieber for the first time in 2013 when Bieber and Ariana Grande were performing together and she got him an all-access pass. While the rest of Grande's family was just excited to be seeing her in concert, Frankie spent the entire car ride there talking about how excited he was to finally meet Bieber. One year later, Frankie is still reflecting happily on the moment.

5. He gets more excited about Justin Bieber guest spot than Ariana Grande's track.

6. He posts Justin Bieber fanart.

7. Justin Bieber follows him on Twitter (and he won't let you forget it).

8. He lost his mind when Justin Bieber texted him.

"I believe. I'm seriously shaking I don't even know what to say about this... Never been more excited in my life! ALMOST more excited [than] when he touched me. I'm gonna die in the theatre when I see this movie..." Frankie captioned this photo. "I played it cool.. [because] I was trying to be professional but this is what I wanted to say: I love you... I will always have your back... I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the music you've shared [and] all the music I know is still to come... Thank you for making this Christmas truly unforgettable. And thank you for teaching me how to beliebe."

9. He learned the entire "Lolly" dance.

10. He hosts Belieber meet-ups.

"I love Justin Bieber...," says Frankie in the opening of the video. "He retweeted and followed me and direct messaged me yesterday, on Christmas Day, which is now forever the day that Justin Bieber followed, DM'd, and RT'd me. I'm sorry Jesus, but it is no longer in my mind your birthday but rather Justin Beliebe day. And I beliebe."

11. He managed to take a selfie with Justin Bieber without passing out.

Sorry, guys, but you might as well just crown Frankie king of the Beliebers from now.

Image: frankiejgrande/Instagram, BelieveTourUPD/Twitter