'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Elise Mosca Was Once Dissed By Juan Pablo But Maybe This Time It'll Be OK

If I had been on Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor, and it didn’t work out — duh — and ABC approached me about coming back on television for another shot at love, I would say, “Well, there’s no way but up.” That has to be what Elise Mosca, new Bachelor in Paradise contestant was thinking when she signed up for the show, there was basically no way she could end up dating anyone worse that JP.

Okay, perhaps I am projecting a bit. After all, Elise never really had the chance to get to know how awful Juan Pablo since she was eliminated early on in the season. You might remember Elise as the first-grade teacher from Pennsylvania, or perhaps as the girl who refused to strip down on JP’s nude photo shoot date for charity. In addition, Elise had a heart-breaking story for why she first applied to The Bachelor. Elise’s mom, who was also a first-grade teacher, passed away suddenly when she was diagnosed with Melanoma. When Elise was going through her mother’s personal belongings in her home, she found a letter about her (Elise) to submit for The Bachelor. Elise saw this as her mother’s way of saying that she still wanted her daughter to find love, something she was happy to do for her mother.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, she didn’t find love with Juan Pablo, but that doesn’t mean she is going to stop looking. Elise came under fire earlier this year when it was discovered that she had been a part of a video called Yule Log Hotties, which is not porn, but is also not what she would show to her student’s parents during parent-teacher conferences. She is looking to make a name for herself in Hollywood, as Elise's acting resume started circulating the Internet thanks to Reality Steve. It seems Elise is currently in between teaching jobs, but she is still extremely passionate about making a difference in the lives of the children she teaches, and says that she needs there to be a similar passion in any future partner she may find.

Potential spoilers ahead.

Will Elise’s time on Bachelor in Paradise result in anything worthwhile? According to Reality Steve, Elise’s time on the show ends sooner than most of the other contestants, but not necessarily in a bad way. Elise didn’t really have the chance to find love the first time around, so hopefully this season is more successful for her.

Images: ABC/Christopher Jue