Food Network's 'Eating America' Will Visit Food Festivals Across America, But It Forgot a Few

Food Network is one of my favorite channels on television, and for many reasons. From learning about different cuisines to finding the best unknown spots to eat in my city, it always creates television series that help me discover more and more about food, cooking, and most importantly, eating. And its newest show, Eating America is no exception to this wonderful rule. The title is pretty gluttonous and the show's premise seems to live up to its name. So what exactly is Eating America all about?

Originally titled Food Fest Nation, the show features comedian/actor Anthony Anderson as he travels the country to find the most "flavorful food festivals" around. Anderson will be tasting all kinds of food, from traditional dishes that are standard fare in certain parts of America, to the more exotic and weirder dishes in different festivals. As someone who identifies herself as a foodie (and by that I mean someone who loves food the way Leslie Knope loves waffles), this would be a dream job. Anderson will be heading to some great festivals including the "Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival" in Florida, the "New Orleans Food Experience," and the "Long Grove Strawberry Festival" in Illinois. But what other kinds of food and festivals should the host try while they're paying him to eat? I have a few suggestions.

Dessert Takeover

Anderson will be heading to Wilmington, Delaware, for the Rockwood Ice Cream Festival, but most of the other festivals on the show's docket feature heavy meat and seafood dishes. What about a nice red velvet cake or other, much more exotic treats? Chicago has a Donut Fest, in case the producers of Eating America are looking for sweeter Season 2 festivals.

Traditional Hawaiian Food

mmuhl on YouTube

Hawaii has a food and wine festival of their own. Wouldn't it be really fun to try dishes from a traditional Hawaiian meal and specialty Hawaiian drinks?


Apparently at this festival in Raleigh, North Carolina, the people who attend eat dishes featuring insects that are prepared by local chefs. I don't think I'd eat bugs even if they were prepared by an Iron Chef, let alone random chefs at a festival (no offense to them, of course). But wouldn't it be fun to see Anderson do it?

Portland Eat Mobile Festival

Now this is more like it. Portland features hundreds of mobile dining options and it would be awesome to see how many Anderson could hit in one episode. Plus, the festival also offers food demonstrations and discussions on practicing environmentally safe cooking and eating habits.

Eating America premieres Monday at 9 p.m., and I'd recommend you don't watch it while hungry — that's just torture.

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