Freddie Prinze Jr. Almost Quit Acting Because of Kiefer Sutherland

Here's 5 Reasons We're Glad He Didn't

by Mallory Schlossberg

Even though he's quietly faded into the "Stars of Yesteryear" abyss, Freddie Prinze Jr. did almost actually quit acting (in other words: he has not quit acting, even if you thought so). ABC News reports that he disliked working with Kiefer Sutherland so much on 24 in 2010, that it really made him re-think the profession. In fact, it's implied in what he said that this poor experience on 24 is why we haven't seen very much of him lately. He said:

I did 24, it was terrible. I hated every moment of it [....] Kiefer [Sutherland] was the most unprofessional dude in the world. That's not me talking trash, I'd say it to his face, I think everyone that's worked with him has said that [...] I just wanted to quit the business after that. So, I just sort of stopped.

Yeesh. Wonder how Kiefer Sutherland's taking that news. But, fortunately for fans of the now-silver-fox Prinze Jr., he's working on the Disney XD series, Star Wars Rebels . So, no — the former teen idol and current silver hair fox has not fallen off the face of the pop culture universe.

But what if he had had this bad experience in the '90s...and he did quit the trade? Now that would have been a tragedy. If that had happened, we would have never had these Very Important Movies in Cinematic History.

She's All That

She's All That is pretty much the seminal "teen movie." Freddie Prinze Jr. was the ultimate heartthrob who learned the real lesson — that if you tell a girl to take off her glasses, she can lose her geeky stigma. HOW DEEP, you guys. Also, be mindful of the sort of people who make you eat pizza with pubes on it. Deeeelish.

Also, say it with me, folks: "AM I A BET!? AM I A STUPID, FUCKING, BET?!" [Exits dramatically.]

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Prinze Jr. starred in this horror movie in all of his tank top glory which screams "Totally 1997!!!" alongside his wife-to-be, Sarah Michelle Gellar. Rounding out the good looking cast was Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ryan Philippe, who, be still my beating heart, died ever so tragically in the movie, but whatevs, I've moved on. This movie, which happened right in the hey day of the slasher flick revival, proved that Prinze Jr. was really good at running away from killers with creepy fish hooks, since he made it all the way to...

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

Because, duh, unless the killer got a case of amnesia, he's still going to know what these folks did last summer. Also, BRANDY was in this, you guys!! Love her, especially in 1998.

Summer Catch

ICYMI, this movie was about love and baseball, only one of which I've ever aspired to have in my life. I have little to zero understand about sports except for the snacks that you get to eat when you watch them. And get the pun? You're a catch? Like, "I caught the ball" and "hot stuff, let's date?" Prinze Jr. is sooo charming.

Head Over Heels

WHO CARES if this movie was totally panned (Rotten Tomatoes gave it a staggeringly low 10%). Freddie Prinze Jr. is really good in really bad movies. Plus, he played an FBI Agent. Agent Prinze Jr. Swoon.

So obviously, we needed these important cinematic stalwarts. And now, we need Freddie Prinze Jr.'s return to the popular conscience with the Star Wars spin-off. Okay, okay, fine — maybe we didn't need Head Over Heels so desperately, but She's All That will always be the seminal teen movie. What would Not Another Teen Movie have been without it? Nothing, I tell you. Nothing.

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