Kim + Beyonce = Best Frenemies Forever

The low-brow world collectively gasped when we learned that Beyoncé and Jay Z would not be attending Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding. After all, Kanye, Beyoncé, and Jay Z have seemingly been close friends for years. Why wouldn't the power couple bless the other power couple with their presence at their Florence nuptials? Isn't that what friends do? The cat fight-loving world speculated that it was because, plain and simple, Beyoncé's just not that into Kim. But now a new layer has been added to the gossip: According to reports, the real reason Beyoncé and Jay Z regretfully declined the Kimye wedding was because Beyoncé didn't want to play second-fiddle to Kim. “Beyoncé wasn’t going to allow a Kardashian to socially climb her,” a source told Page Six.

And so the story lives on. Kim and Beyoncé, best frenemies forever, right? Sometimes, the media makes it seem like the women actually like one another. But other times — most other times — Beyonce and Kardashian are made out to be one Kalteen bar away from being the real-life version of Cady Heron and Regina George.

It's damn near impossible to determine what's fact from fiction, but if we're to believe anything we read, here are 7 reasons Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian are the ultimate frenemies.

Beyoncé posted this photo on the day of Kim and Kanye's wedding.

No makeup. Lying in a bed. Taking selfies. Beyoncé may as well captioned this photo: "I didn't have boo to do; I just didn't feel like going to Kim and Kanye's stupid wedding." It was reported that she and Jay Z spent the weekend in the Hamptons when Kim and Kanye were tying the knot... not doing much. Burn?

Kim (passive-aggressively) called Beyoncé a copycat.

Not too long after Beyoncé and Jay Z released a photo for their On the Run tour, where they're both wearing ski-masks, Kim posted this "Throwback Thursday" shot to her Instagram, where, totally not coincidentally, Kanye's wearing basically the exact same mask. Kim hashtagged the pic: #LastYear #StyleIcons. Burn!

"Oh, Bey and Jay weren't here? Didn't even notice."

During the media frenzy that followed Beyoncé and Jay Z missing Kim and Kanye's wedding, Kris Jenner got in on the action, saying that the day was so busy and filled with such commotion that no one really noticed whether or not the superstar couple was there. Kris apparently just assumed they were working. You know, because she never meddles or anything.

This photo.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jay Z and Kanye appear to be having a grand ol' time at the BET Awards, but their book-end significant others? Awkwardville, USA.

That awkward moment when Kim tried to get in a Ron Howard movie.

A few years ago, Kim Kardashian reportedly embarrassed herself at Jay Z's Made in America concert by trying to get in on a documentary that was being shot about the rapper by Ron Howard. As the story goes, Kim kept gushing about what a big fan she was of Howard's, and Beyoncé eventually had to pull the reality star aside to tell her that, for once, it wasn't about her.

Beyoncé and Kanye's Ex are all chummy.

Not too long ago, Kanye's ex, Amber Rose, posted a photo to Instagram of herself hanging out with none other than Queen Bey. Apparently, her son is going to marry Blue Ivy one day. Wonder if Beyoncé will go to that wedding.


A few months ago, the world's most awkward doctor's office run-in occurred (unless, of course, you bumped into your boss at your gyno's office). Kim and Beyoncé apparently were both in the waiting room to see a dermatologist — and the whole thing was unplanned. According to onlookers, Kim all but fan girled out on Beyoncé, and Beyoncé wanted nothing to do with her. Ouch.

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