How Many Scrunchies Does it Take to Be Miley?

You guys, I think I'm seriously into scrunchies now and it's all because of Miley Cyrus! HELP ME. HELP. Hold on, let me start at the beginning:

Miley Cyrus has a cameo in Pharrell Williams' new video, "Come Get It Bae," and it's shockingly un-annoying. In fact, I'd venture to say that it's pretty darn cute. Miley is perhaps the only pop star whose youthful exuberance matches Pharrell's own, and in the video, she spends most of her time goofing off in dance moves that the responsible adults among us can only dream of replicating. Miley doesn't look so much stylized as she does adorably thrown together: Denim cutoffs, a white crop top, some sort of letterman jacket thing, sneakers, baby blue eyeliner, and enough bright scrunchies to start a scrunchie revival. YEAH, I SAID IT: A SCRUNCHIE REVIVAL.

I admit that Miley Cyrus and I don't have a ton in common — especially not in the hair and/or career region — but we do share a few things, like a penchant for goofy dance movies and enough time on our hands to do ridiculous things with cheap hair accessories. I decided to cop her "Come Get It Bae" look in the name of "research," but I emerged from the other side of this mesmerizing journalistic journey a changed woman. A woman who's thinking of wearing multiple scrunchies out of the house. Miley, what have you done?

A screenshot or two of Miley was all the "research" I needed. In the makeup department, girlfriend is clearly wearing an amazing oversized baby blue cat-eye, strong brows, and not much else.

I went to the dollar store to stock up on supplies, because I didn't own a single scrunchie. Keep in mind that this was Before, as in Before I Realized Scrunchies Are the Hair Accessory I've Been Waiting My Whole Adult Life to Love. The smooth jazz piping through the dollar store speakers distracted me and I ended up buying six different scrunchies in varying textures, plus enough blue eyeshadow to host my own '80s party every night for a month.

I'm ecstatic to report that I tried out that tape/eyeliner trick everyone's talking about and it is beyond a doubt the greatest makeup hack known to mankind. Are you witnessing those evenly winged baby blues? If this is the future, I'm feeling it.

It took me a few minutes to get over my inbred fear of scrunchies — but as soon as I removed them from their cases, I was overcome with a warm, comforting, familiar feeling. Maybe it was déjà vu from my scrunchie-clad childhood. Maybe it was the moment I realized that scrunchies are simply fuzzy friends in a different form. Either way, it was time to put my hair up.

I don't know exactly how Miley got her final look but I know exactly how I got mine: four scrunchies, each layered on top of the next like there was no tomorrow. And it felt right. I put on a pair of dangly earrings and my boyfriend's high school hockey jacket and attempted to replicate Miley's dance moves without Pharrell in the background, which proved impossible. Thank goodness I had my four brand-new scrunchie friends for company.

As I type this, I've still got all four of those scrunchies perched precariously in my slightly confused hair. One scrunchie may be tasteless and dated, but multiple scrunchies makes me feel like I'm wearing a tangle of wildflowers in my hair, except, well, in a more synthetic way. And all for the low, low price of $2? Miley, never stop inspiring me.

Images: iamOTHER / YouTube; Tori Telfer