They're Probably Not Together, People

New, criminally attractive couple alert? Probably not. It's only been a few days since Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed started allegedly dating, so naturally all eyes have been on Nina Dobrev to see who her rebound romance will be with. At San Diego Comic-Con, the Vampire Diaries star threw two names into the mix when Dobrev was allegedly seen flirting with Orlando Bloom at a party and photographed hugging Gotham 's Ben McKenzie on Saturday night. But really, there's no reason to believe that Dobrev is rebounding at all — especially not with Orlando Bloom.

A source revealed to E! News that Dobrev and Bloom were "canoodling [and] he had arm around her" at a Playboy and Bates Motel event. And that while there was no kissing to speak of, they seemed attached to each other like "magnets." Sounds a little romantic, right? Or maybe it was all of that Comic-Con that got to their heads. Other sources, however, told US Weekly that Dobrev and Bloom were flirting at Zachary Levi's #NerdHQ party on July 26. If it walks like a possible rebound and talks like a possible rebound, does that mean that it's a rebound?

Again, probably not because Nina Dobrev is one busy woman these days. And, well, she loves her cat.

She's Enjoying Being Single

A source told E! News that Dobrev is "loving single life" and that's she's been "enjoying herself right now." So, really, if she's doing that well, news of her ex dating someone else probably isn't rattling her.

She's Namaste

So she's obviously not about the vengeful, rebound romance.

She Allegedly Wasn't Ready To Settle Down With Ian

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When Dobrev and Somerhalder called it quits in 2013, sources revealed that the 25-year-old actress (then 24) wasn't ready to walk down the aisle with her 34-year-old boyfriend. Even though Bloom is recently separated from his wife Miranda Kerr, I can't see Dobrev jumping into another relationship with this 37-year-old actor. Especially if she's still not ready to commit.

She's Got Cat-Love

And really, what more do you need?

She's Also Got, Like, A Million Friends

Who also seem really, really fun. Friends and cat-love? Seriously, there's not much else a 25-year-old Hollywood star could possibly want.

She's Busy Breaking Into High-Fashion

Dobrev went to her first Paris Fashion Week this July and if she's seen One Tree Hill, she knows that clothes over bros is totally a thing.

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