Cute Ways To Hide Your Awkward-Length Bangs

There are a few things in my life that I remain simply undecided about. The first is my favorite Olsen twin (Mary Kate one week, Ashley the next) and the second is my bangs. I've had quite the love affair with fringe, stemming from my early days of sporting a bowl cut. They've always been a part of my identity; no matter how long I grow them out, I end up missing them and inevitably run back in their direction, some instances more hastily than others. The decision to get them is typically spurred from celebrity bang envy (I'm looking at you, Suki Waterhouse) or boredom, and my most recent bang trim was a little bit of both. And whether it's because I'm totally unable to learn my lesson or I'm just a complete hair-masochist, I (as expected) fully regretted them about 3-5 days after the chop.

But this time, instead of cursing myself over the next few weeks and insisting that Rachel's '90s bedazzled bobby pins are "so in right now, I swear!," I decided to deal with the problem the same way I would a relentless pimple that refuses to leave my face — I would figure out a way to hide them. If you, too, are experiencing a strong case of "fringe remorse," fret no more — here are six simple ways to disguise your bangs while they grow themselves out.

1. Push Them to the Side

You're going to need to work with some sort of texturizing product here. My weapon of choice? Bumble & Bumble's Styling Creme. It's the perfect balance between a mousse and a gel, so it won't weigh down your bangs, but still keep them in place. Just work a dime-sized amount of product into your bangs with your fingers. Push them to the side so they blend in with the rest of your hair. Make sure they aren't too stiff, or you'll give the disguise away and it'll look a little too There's Something About Mary (if you catch my drift).

Bumb & Bumble's Styling Creme, $29, Amazon

2. Tuck Them Under a Head Scarf

There's no optical illusion to this one. You literally are just covering your bangs behind a bunch of fabric. This look is particularly useful for sweltering summer days when you just can't with your sweaty bangs pasting themselves onto your forehead. I took to Pinterest to learn how to wrap a head scarf, threw my hair into a bun and tucked my little bangs under my headband. It's almost like they're not even there anymore, right? Mission accomplished.

3. Do The 'Ol Twist and Pin

There are two things you should know about this bang hack: 1. It is not rocket science. 2. It will literally take you two seconds to accomplish. If you can twirl your hair around your finger, you've got what it takes to do the trusty twist and pin. Take your bangs, twist them under and use a bobby pin to secure it. Pick a few pieces of your hair to cover the bobby pin. Apply some hairspray to set it. Now, go along your merry way.

4. Part Them in the Middle

It might go against how you normally part your hair or how your bangs were cut, but this middle guise might be one of the most stylish and effective ways to hide them. Trust. Part your hair in the middle, including your bangs. With a little bit of texturizing product, push each section of your bangs to its respective side of the face so that they fall naturally with the rest of your hair. The more you blend your bangs in with product, the more it'll create a seamless frame for your mug.

5. Pin Them Back in a High Ponytail

If you're merely an acquaintance to the high ponytail, now's the time to reintroduce yourself because it + bangs = MAJOR WIN. By the way, the best part about this look? The dirtier your hair, the better. The best high ponytails are made from day old (maybe more!), slept-in hair. First, add some waves with a curling iron to give your ponytail some body. If you were born with naturally wavy hair (#blessed), skip this step and go give your mom and/or dad a virtual hug (for such good hair genes!). Next, grab an elastic tie and pull your hair up (not back) towards the crown of your head. Once you've reached a height you're comfortable with (somewhere between the middle and Iggy Azalea), wrap up your pony and pull it tight. Now, take your bangs and either pin them back with a bobby pin or slick them back with some gel (if they're long and cooperative enough). Put some hairspray onto your fingertips and gently smooth out any flyaways.

6. Throw Them All to One Side (AKA Pull a Kelly Kapowski)

Grab your hairspray, ladies. In case it wasn't already obvious, this look is going to need a lot of va-va-volume. Just like the ponytail, the dirtier your hair, the better. If your hair is a little too clean feeling, your bangs won't blend in with the rest of your hair as well. Try using some dry shampoo to absorb any excess oil. For added texture, tease your roots section by section, pushing them to one side (pick a side, any side!). Once you're finished, take some gel or whatever texturizing product you've got and blend your bangs into all the rest of your hair. Comb your bangs through your hair with your fingers so that they find a natural place among the rest of your locks. Last, but not least, set with lots of hairspray.

Although I've spent this entire post rambling about how you should hide your fringe, don't forget to let them hang out once in awhile! You might miss them when they're gone (like I always do). So, go on, embrace your bangs! They'll be grown (out) before you know it.

Images: Sara Tan