Josh Murray's Baseball Card For Andi on 'The Bachelorette' Is Lame & Adorable At The Same Time

Get out the glue and glitter, kids — it's arts and crafts time on The Bachelorette! During the season finale, frontrunner (and former pro baseball player) Josh Murray drafted Andi to be on his team: The Murrays. Yeah, that's the point of the show, but Josh is making it official with a homemade baseball card he presents her with after giving her a heartfelt letter at the end of their final Bachelorette date. Cue the confusion, because at this point, I can't decide whether the baseball card is adorable or completely cringeworthy. Cringedorable, anyone? No?

Aside from having a photo of Andi battering up on the front, the back of the card lists her "stats" according to Josh — proving that despite the fact that they've only been dating for, like, two months, he does know a thing or two about the woman he's convinced he wants to marry. Her runs are listed as "into Josh's arms," her errors are that she "can't dance, swears too much," and her slugging percentage is something that Josh "hopes to never find out." Best of all? There's a fun fact at the bottom of the card that says, "Husband Josh has never missed a day saying 'I love you.'" Ugh, am I barfing, or am I googling bridesmaids dresses? I can't decide.

Not that it matters what I think about the card — Andi absolutely loves it, and is convinced that his art project is Josh's own, creative way of proving how committed he is to her and their future together. After all, she says, "A guy doesn't put his last name on a girl if he's not ready for this." And she's not wrong. He's obviously serious about her, and if he has the opportunity to put a ring on her finger when it comes down to the final moments of the finale, we won't see any hesitation.

Josh, I can make peace with the baseball card if you promise me this: If you and Andi do get married, I want a baseball card about each of your (eventual) kids. Because that would be adorable, no cringe about it.

Image: ABC