He's Having a Rough Time

After a long summer of watching Andi Dorfman try to find love on The Bachelorette, the time has come. Andi's officially engaged to Josh Murray! But not everybody's exactly rejoicing over the news. I'm not exactly happy about it, and neither is Bachelorette loser Nick Viall, who was the recipient of a rose every week but the last one — the one that really counted. In a conversation that could've made even the most cynical Bachelorette viewer tear up, Andi visited Nick before handing out that last rose to tell him that she just wasn't feeling their relationship the way she thought she should be. With Nick, she finds herself constantly over thinking things, and with Josh, it's just easy. She doesn't want to over think for the rest of her life. Can we blame her? That sounds exhausting.

But Nick thinks there's more to it than that, and his mom backs him up on that one. She knows her son better than anyone else, and in what watches like a huge plea for Andi to change her mind, she vouches for Nick's heartbreak. He's pretty torn up over the whole thing, and he's convinced that Andi's using Josh as an easy way out. That's exactly what he is, really — A life with him requires no change in lifestyle, and probably not even a change in zip code. With Josh, things are easy and fun. With Nick, it's complicated, but it's super intense. What do you choose: Comfortable and safe, or passionate but risky? Andi doesn't seem up for a gamble.

And although Nick showed up to the Men Tell All special to try to talk some sense into Andi (or carry out a ratings stunt for ABC, you decide), he didn't achieve his goal. Unfortunately, Andi wasn't in much of a chatty mood, and according to our host with the most, Chris Harrison, she just wasn't ready to face him. Instead, Nick decides to write her the infamous letter we've been teased about, and every time he's on camera, he seems pretty decimated by being rejected by the woman he thought he was going to marry. And every time he looks at the camera with tears in his eyes, there's no doubt about the fact that he's not just vying for extra screen time.

Ugh. Nick. My heart. It's breaking. Call up Neil Lane. I'll marry you!

Image: ABC