Are 'RHONY' LuAnn & Sonja Still Feuding Over Harry Dubin? Not Exactly

Some very interesting details about the much-hyped LuAnn, Sonja, and Harry love triangle were brought to light in the Real Housewives of New York City finale. Namely, that it was all pretty much faked for the cameras. It shouldn't come as a surprise that reality shows aren't exactly, you know, real, but Sonja really hung LuAnn out to dry with this accusation.

Okay, so here's the real story, pieced together from LuAnn's blog, Carole's particularly scathing blog, the ladies' appearance on Watch What Happens Live, and the Countess' Twitter feed. So Sonja, LuAnn, Harry, and Heather and her husband, John, ALL left Carole's party when it started to wind down and headed to a club to keep the party going.

Harry supposedly did leave with LuAnn in a cab, but the whole group were sharing cabs and it was understood that they'd all meet up at the club. The group partied more and Sonja, along with the rest of them, got pretty drunk. Because of that, she fell outside of the club (not Carole's apartment) and sprained her ankle. Harry had already left or was in the process of leaving, and didn't notice. Sonja was doted on by a couple of interns and carried home, and Harry and LuAnn went their separate ways. LuAnn and Harry are old friends and exes, that's it.

There was no ambiguity that day about who spent the night with whom. Sonja may have been insulted that LuAnn and Harry flirted for a little while at Carole's, but LuAnn was right to call her out for "spinning" that into an accusation of something they both knew wasn't true.

This casts the whole situation in a very different light. Before, Harry Dubin's Twitter posts about loving Sonja and still going strong made me think that Sonja and LuAnn had been able to put this behind them. But now that it's clear that Dubin was incidental to the argument at best, and LuAnn and Sonja's lack of contact since filming ended could mean that their friendship ended along with it.

Both have been seen out in the city and vacationing throughout the summer, but aside from LuAnn's Tweets reiterating that Sonja's accusations were patently false, they haven't mentioned one another. While LuAnn is mostly with her family or at events, Sonja is in a constant bubble of young, good looking gay men who are probably on the Team Sonja payroll.

Everyone loves you, Sonja. But for all your talk about LuAnn not being "a girl's girl" with Ramona, you know how things can change after one week. A whole relationship went from pre-engagement to defunct. And a friendship may very well be ruined. Hopefully Sonja will reach out to make things right, and LuAnn is ready to to make up — because if the rumors are true, they could be shooting Season 7 as soon as this September.

Images: Sonja Morgan/Instagram; Giphy