Jessica Szohr, Selena Gomez & Tommy Chiabra's Cryptic Instagram Mess Isn't What It Seems

It was the hookup seen around the world. Selena Gomez kicked off her 22nd birthday by celebrating with model friend Cara Delevingne and businessman Tommy Chiabra, but it was the latter's presence that really stirred up controversy. Pics of Gomez and Chiabra hit the Web faster than you can say "Bieber who?" and sparked a series of rumors about Gomez's latest fling. Now, it seems that the press is throwing another lady into this "not-even-a-thing-yet" relationship between Chiabra and Gomez. According to the Daily Mail, former Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohr's cryptic Instagram post carries significant meaning about her own relationship with Chiabra. Except according to Szohr, it so, so doesn't.

Szohr's cryptic post, which was regrammed from a friend, is a photo of a quote that states: "You want to come into my life, the door is open. You want to get out of my life, the door is open. Just one request. Don't stand at the door, you're blocking traffic." The Daily Mail took the quote as a jab at Chiabra, whom Szohr was allegedly with in Italy less than a month before Chiabra took the St. Tropez trip with Gomez. But before you start thinking that Szohr is pissed about Chiabra's alleged indiscretion, let's look at what Szohr is saying about the whole thing. The actress posted this on her Instagram account to shut down the gossip:

I just want to stand up and clap for Szohr right now, who not only denied these rumors, but also took the time to show that she's not pissed at Gomez for "stealing her man," or whatever statement the press is making about Gomez's new (maybe) relationship. Here's the full pic:

See? Just a harmless regram. Szohr shut down these rumors faster than Gossip Girl could have, and she deserves credit for taking control of her own story.

It's funny that Instagram is becoming a major player in the press analyzing every aspect of this St. Tropez trip. On Monday, Delevingne's own Instagram post was analyzed when Hollywood Life speculated that a quote on her page was an attack on Justin Bieber. According to the site, Delevingne's recent hangout with Gomez in St. Tropez prompted the model to post a message to Gomez about her ex.

It's cool that Szohr took the time to call out the gossipers for trying to pit her and Gomez against one another. Sometimes an Instagram pic is just an Instagram pic: Let's all just chill out, okay?

Image: itsmejessicaszohr/Instagram; thevanessaabrams/tumblr